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Poor Memes: Introduction

There are a ton of poor memes on the internet. Every meme website or page you visit will always contain some poor memes that will roll you to the floor. These memes are used vastly because they are used to mock at things or social services, one such example a meme template would be the blonde girl wearing a tshirt that boldly says just “Stop being poor.” This template was used to mock libetarian platforms when they used to fight against social services. The origin of this specific template dates back to the September of 2005.


Poor people or lower middle class people often go misunderstood. The world just sometimes doesn’t understand their needs. They feel like they are being crumbled by the rich from the above and the extremely poor from the bottom. They may sometimes feel like their voices go unheard. But memes have paved a way for people to understand the perspective of different categories of people without hurting anyone’s sentiment and just being funny. Through memes some points of poor people could be understood. They spread their message of “Being poor is realizing how hard it is to stop being poor.” The meme with the woman wearing tshirt which says stop being poor got posted on an article “4 ways to stop being poor according to rich women.” That tshirt was also copied, made in bulk and was sold at amazon. The memes on the template got over 4,40, 000 views.

Poor Memes


  • How I justify being poor all the time : No money, no problems.
  • When someone asks you how much do you donate to the poor : I AM THE POOR.
  • Big brain : You can’t be out of money if you have no money in the first place.
  • A picture of you getting wrapped as a gift : When the only gift you can afford is friendship.
  • When you thought you had 1 rupee in your bank account but you check and you have 3.34 rupees : I Am Rich.
  • A picture of a man eating a burger and crying : When you have to spend 500 rupees on your dinner and it’s not even good.
  • When you are not sure if everything is becoming expensive or you’re just becoming poor.
  • When you show your friend a world map and say, these are the places I can’t afford to go.
  • Poor Memes my friend says money can’t buy happiness so you ask him to give all his money to you.
  • When you just got paid your salary but the bills are about be auto paid : sad noises.

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