Most Common Crimes In London

Crime rates are a severe concern for many areas and regions. But, beyond the ominous headlines, it can be challenging to understand what is happening in and around our area. London was filled with petty thieves, robbers, and criminals during the early 50s and even before. 

Crimes in London are still an issue as some major crimes still occur. The data and research by Car Security System Installation provide a general indication of what types of crimes are still prevalent. Here are some common crimes committed by these petty robbers and criminals. 

Common Crimes In London You Should Be Aware Of!


According to recent data in London, the most common crime currently is Fraud. You know how common computer misuse has become, and this has caused fraud cases to rise tremendously. 

The victims are tricked into making payments for fictitious or illegitimate goods and services; some residents have also reported transferring money to receive postal deliveries, which was unsuccessful. In addition, financial investment scams have also become a serious issue. 

Computer Misuse

With data and information being easily accessible to humans, computer misuse has become another serious problem causing havoc in people’s lives. However, the number of people who reported this crime has only soared recently, much of it related to data hacking and breaching of people’s social media accounts and emails. 

However, the reports state that more than half of the computer misuse of the victims is not impacted by breaching. 


In the late 50s, the streets of London were filled with petty thieves and criminals. Although the same was there before the 50s and is still prevalent. Theft is a common issue in London, even though burglary is removed and treated as a different category. 

The criminals are found to steal bikes and vehicles, shoplift, and even thefts from individuals. However, these kinds of crimes can be somehow prevented with Car Security System Installation. 

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is of grave concern, not just in London but in other parts of the world. This crime is so prevalent in London, unfortunately. 

The actual domestic rates are not fully known as most victims stay quiet and don’t report the terrible things they face at home. Yet domestic abuse is still on the rise and peaked during the pandemic. 

Sexual Offences

Like domestic abuse, sexual offenses, too, is heinous and gut-wrenching. Sexual offenses are notoriously difficult to truly assess the true extent of it, as many victims don’t report the crimes they face for many reasons. 

According to research, less than one in six women who are raped report their concern to the police. This category would have topped the list if there were accurate statistics of sexual offenses and rapes. 

Wrapping Up

These are some of the crimes that are prevalent in the city of London. Other crimes like robbery, homicide, and knife instrument offenses are also common. These crimes are offensive and unfortunate, and strict measures should be taken to deal with them. Car Security System Installation can help the police department to catch criminals and punish them severely.

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