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Sleeping is a never-ending fight that oil can feel like you’re losing. There are various ways for falling asleep, doing things such as minimising your screen time before bed or using a weighted blanket, but still sleep doesn’t always come quickly or at all. Sleep can be a real challenge of all the time. Some people falling asleep because of their health conditions. Nowadays people are spending so much time on phone, and which eventually turn them into fall asleep.

Cant Sleep Meme: A Point

For people who live with insomnia, maybe it is a symptom of depression of the result of dealing with chronic pain, in between sleep is the constant battle you might feel like that you are always losing. there are plenty of ideas and tricks that you can try to fall asleep such as spending less time on your phone I’m using a heavy weighted blanket but sometimes sleep doesn’t come easily or not at all and that’s okay.  We don’t want you all to wandering around sleep deprived but we also understand that sometimes it is a challenge to get some shut eye.


On any given night there are plenty of reasons and thoughts why you can’t fall asleep. maybe you watched a scary movie, or you drank coffee at 3:00 am or there’s a pea under your mattress dad just throwing your whole vibe of sleeping. But whatever the annoying reason is there, it is also a reason you’ve got insomnia. That’s where these can’t sleep meme come in your mind and freshen you up.

Cant Sleep Meme

Humour can be one of the ways for people to cope with the situation in which they are. Creating and sharing memes can be a way to connect with each other and get to see what they are going through. That’s why here is a list of memes I’m sharing with you people who deals with the insomnia. We hope you find these memes relatable and quite funny so you can enjoy these memes.

Take a look at memes

  • Morning: want to sleep

Afternoon:  dying to sleep

Night: can’t sleep

  • Me, an insomniac is stressing myself all over by calculating the exact amount of sleep I would get if I fell asleep in the exact moment which exacerbates my inability to sleep.
  • my mind during the whole day: tired, slow-working, and half asleep.

my mind at the 2:00 AM: running fast, fresh, and completely awaken.

  • Me watching everyone go to sleep at the right time in the night while I stay awake and overthink everything in my life at that only time.
  • me at 3:00 PM: I’m so sleepy I can’t keep my eyes open

me at 3:00 AM: awake and can’t be able to sleep.

  • Me at midnight Trying to figure out that why do I even exist?
  • When someone asks me that how my whole night went

Me: I Didn’t get much of the sleep, but I did get a few hours of depression and the anxiety in.

  • Me: I need to sleep

Also, me: I don’t need sleep.

  • When someone asks me when the last time was, I got a night’s sleep…… never

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