Safari outfits

What to wear on a jungle safari: Safari outfits

Safari outfits: Intro

Where ever we go, fashion plays an important role in our life. Fashion is not just about looking good, it`s also about feeling comfortable, utility, and more. At certain places, certain specific kind of clothes goes pretty well. Just like on Christmas we would wear something red and sparkly to mark the festive season, if we are hiking we would be wearing something comfy and sporty, similarly while on a jungle safari we would be wearing something in camouflage print. We know how hectic it can be to decide on clothes for such a vacation, well, let’s make your job easy, shall we (Safari outfits)?

Jungle Safari 101:

Jungle safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, one must plan a trip including a safari. The tour of the wilderness brings us closer to the beauty of nature, it is a wholesome fun and learning experience. In the hustle and bustle of city life, we often forget about the other calm and serene side of the world. It is refreshing and adventurous to go on a jungle safari, to see animals up close in their habitat. Places like Jim Corbett in India, Masai Mara national park in Kenya, Kruger national park in South Africa are some of the most jaw-dropping and breath-taking jungle safari tourist spots. It can be hot and cold both kinds of weather you can find in the forest, so you have to pack accordingly loading up your baggage with essentials (Safari outfits).

Outfits to wear on a jungle safari:

On a safari, you`d sure want to be comfortable and all set to have your undivided attention towards the scenery around you rather than fixing your outfit. Thus you know how important it is having to wear a perfect ensemble to enjoy your experience.

Well, here is a safari fashion starter pack for you to go foolproof on your trip. You need to surely pack some basic white tees, a white shirt, and a tank top. For bottoms you can pack some jeans, however, it is better to pack some loose pants or paper bag waist pants for air to pass through since it can be hot during the day safari. One can also go for cargo pants as it is the best utility-based garments with multiple pockets and does look very chic. Denim also goes well for this kind of landscape, denim shirts, denim shorts, denim overalls.

Safari outfits
Safari outfits: Everything to know!

Shirtdress, rompers, and jumpsuits are best suited for jungle safari. Since it can get cold in the jungle for night safaris you can wear a field jacket too. It is best to carry neutral shades, nudes, and camo prints in your luggage. Some extras will look stylish and will be your savior on this trip such as a scarf, hat to protect you from the sun, boots, and sunglasses. Just imagine you wearing a tied-up shirt, a hat, a scarf around your neck, nude pants and boots, and the amazing scenic beauty around you, wouldn`t it be the best instagramable picture?

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