Different Ways to Use Healing Crystals

Have you heard a lot about using crystals? Are you curious about trying crystals?

It’s no secret that crystals have healing powers used since ancient times by spiritual masters and mystic gurus. However, crystals are no longer only used by yogis and mystic gurus.

Crystals are used for healing and different therapies, which are often called “alternative treatments” in the world of modern medicine today. Crystal Jewellery is one of the many ways crystal is harnessed for its healing powers. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of crystals, dive in to understand the healing powers of crystals and how you can use them.

How do Crystals Help in Healing?

Crystals interact with the body’s energy field and align the body’s chakras to create balance. It is believed that placing them in various parts of the body can heal a person physically and mentally.

Since crystals are all extracted from natural elements, they harness the energy of nature and planetary bodies, including the sun, moon, and ocean.

They help the body by allowing positive energy to flow within and absorbing all negative energy. Crystals focus on healing your body from the inside and uplifting your mood. Each crystal has unique healing properties, and depending on your requirements, you can use different crystals like obsidian, amethyst, rose quartz, etc. 

How to use Healing Crystals?

There are several benefits of using healing crystals. They can promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being when appropriately used. It helps to improve concentration, mood, creativity, and overall health.

Individuals use crystals in different ways. Some of the most common methods include:

1. Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy is popular among celebrities today because it helps keep individuals grounded and manifest positivity.

Healing stones like amethyst, moonstone, jade, etc., are worn as Crystal Jewellery. Wearing bracelets or necklaces, simply trying to keep a crystal close to your body by placing it in the room or getting treatment by a professional therapist are all different ways of practising crystal therapy.

While being treated by a therapist, the stone is usually placed on a chakra point for the energy to communicate within the body.

2. Meditate with Crystals

If you are trying to walk on a spiritual path, then practising meditation while holding or gazing at a crystal can work wonders. Crystals serve as the source that helps you get connected to yourself during meditation.

3. Put Them in Your Bath

Individuals can soak the crystals in water and take a bath. This helps in reaping the healing properties of crystals.

One thing to remember is only to use crystals meant to be dipped in water, as not all crystals are meant to be soaked in water. Angelite, Azurite, Fluorite, Lepidolite, Selenite, and Malachite should never be put in the water.

Heal With Crystals

Although there is no solid scientific support behind the healing power of crystals, it is popularly used by many individuals across the world to support their physical and mental health. Since healing stones are believed to communicate with the energy flow of the universe and balance it in the human body, the body gets the power to heal itself.

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