How to choose tap dancing shoes for women online

Tap dancing is a distinct dance style involving rapid and specific footwork. So, if you are interested in tap dancing, you will require the perfect shoes. You can shop for footwear, such as womens tap shoes, in various online stores. All you must do is search for the right pair and start working on your tap-dancing skills. But before picking the perfect pair, make sure you consider a few factors. To know more, keep reading this article.

  1. Low-heel or high-heel: There are two major styles of tap-dancing shoes: low-heel and high-heel. Both are beneficial in their own ways, and it is up to you to settle on the right style. If you are a beginner tap dancer, then low-heel tap dancing shoes are highly recommended. After all, you can easily dance in them. In addition, people with joint pain will also find them to be comfortable. Moreover, they are budget-friendly when compared to high-heel tap dancing shoes. However, there might be a few specific moves that can be challenging to execute, allowing them to not offer the same level of stability and support as high-heel shoes. Apart from providing support and stability, high-heel shoes are the most sophisticated pair and make a lot of noise. If you prefer more noise while dancing, you must definitely buy this pair.
  1. Size: You will require the ideal size to tap dance properly. You can search for snug-fit shoes that are favourable for tap precision, good sound quality and shock absorption. Ensure that the shoes are firm and not loose because they can mould your feet as you wear them consistently. But make sure they are not too tight to hurt your feet. If the wearer’s toes are overlapping, bending or curling, it is time to look for a bigger size. In addition, tap shoes must be long-lasting and durable. 
  1. Price: Price is another significant factor to consider. In the United States of America, entry-level womens tap shoes cost around 55 to 100 dollars. And a high-end one cost between 300 to 900 dollars. So, if you are searching for a high-quality pair at a reasonable rate, you can get them for less than 55 dollars online. You can keep searching to get the best pair. You can also look for a sale and attain them at a discounted price. But remember, the price of the shoes depends on the material and construction. 
  1. Styles and soles: Different styles of tap-dancing shoes include Oxford and Mary Jane. The Oxford style is made of synthetic materials, vegan leather and leather similar to an Oxford dress shoe. Most advanced dancers prefer this style. When it comes to Mary Jane, young dancers feel more comfortable and can balance easily with them. Mary Jane shoes are styled with a single ribbon, looking like a bow, tied on the top of the foot. Additionally, tap-sole shoes come in two types: full-sole tap shoes and split-sole tap shoes. Full-sole shoes provide ankle support and proper foot, whereas split-sole shoes are flexible. 
  1. Material: Tap shoes come in various materials like rubber, synthetic leather, canvas and leather. With the help of rubber material shoes, you can excel in your practice. Synthetic leather is inexpensive, rigid and great with children. Canvas shoes are created from natural fibres and are highly breathable, whereas leather provides a comfortable fit. 

You can choose dancewear, such as womens tap shoes, from a wide range of styles, materials, soles, etc., from various online stores. But make sure you pick the right one depending on your level of dancing. 

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