How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent? Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Buying or even selling a home is the biggest financial transaction of your life!

Your one wrong step would put you on the short end of the stick. Not only will you lose potential cash from your pocket, but in a space in Australia, you will not be able to call home. Or, besides, you might find trouble putting your house on sale for profit.

As such, to keep problems at bay, look for the best way to get real estate leads when you decide to enter the housing market. Though daunting, finding the right real estate agent is key to unlocking profitable deals. 

Don’t worry! Here are specific steps listed to help you with the task:

1. Get Referrals from Relatives or Friends 

Ask people in your community or network if they can recommend some good real estate agents to you. Ideally, it would be best to choose someone with plausible experience working in areas matching your needs. It is important to note that first-time buyers have requirements different from probably repeat buyers or individuals looking to downsize. 

Moreover, if you find someone suitable, don’t blindly trust them just because your close ones recommended them. 

Ask questions like – How many homes have they sold in the last few months, and for how much? How much do they know about the area? What are the prices of comparable homes? 

2. Research Potential Agents 

The best way to get real estate leads is through an online search. In this day and age, most agents will have an online presence. Look at their website, social media handles, and, primarily, reviews. 

You can ignore one or two bad reviews, but more than that is the ring of trouble!

Besides, familiarise yourself with the difference between a seller and a buyer agent. The former represents the homebuyer, while the latter works in real estate transactions on the seller’s behalf. 

Importantly, check if the agent you have selected is licensed or clear in terms of disciplinary actions. 

3. Meet them In-Person 

Once you have decided on a few good real estate agents, please plan to meet them in person. It will allow you to gauge their personality and marketing skills. Ultimately, you want someone with people skills and who understands your needs and your budget well.

Moreover, find out how much time they are willing to spend on helping you achieve your goals, whether it’s getting your property ready to sell and show on your time or taking you to visit potential homes every week. 

4. Ask for Referrals from Agents – And Check Them Out 

Ask the agent you are thinking of working with to provide information on the properties they have sold or helped to purchase in the past few months, with the contact details of a few of their clients. 

Without hesitation, reach out to them to find out if their experience was pleasant and if they will recommend the agent or work with them again. 

5. Take a Keen Look At your Contract 

Finally, once you are done with the assessment and have selected the agent, don’t move further without setting up a contract in place. On that note, ensure it spells out every term you have collectively agreed upon to avoid problems down the road. 

Real estate agents charge around 2 -2.5% commissions in Australia. However, the amount can differ depending on your location. 

The Bottom Line 

The real truth is the real estate agent will walk with you through the most financially significant and challenging period of your life. So, don’t settle and do as much searching as possible to find someone who meets the bill for you to comfortably and securely rely on. Make sure you check everything and clear every doubt.

Remember, a right and trusted real estate agent will only make a difference!

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