What Makes a Great Personal Trainer?

Looking for a great personal trainer? Today, it’s easier to find one than ever. However, not all personal trainers are good fits for every athlete. Here are some tips on finding the perfect trainer/athlete relationship.

What are Your Fitness Goals?

Set your fitness goals aside before you start looking for a personal trainer. Having them set in place at least as a reference point can make all the difference for your journey with your new trainer.

How Does Your Trainer Value These Goals?

While it’s often a good idea to push past goals, remember why you’re there. Is your trainer pushing for those same goals? Does it feel like they are supporting you fully? If so, then you’re on the right track to having a trainer with strong traits for their role in your fitness journey.

Traits of a Great Personal Trainer


Patience may need to be a more prevalent trait than any other. You know that one set you just cannot finish without changing the weight, decreasing the reps, or amending how many different exercises you do? You’re going to get there. But, is your trainer ready to help you work through it until you can?

Being patient will make the difference between getting results and burning out. “Trusting the process” couldn’t be more true than in the case of setting a fitness goal and sticking with it, which needs to be founded on patience.


You both want to be there, right? It should feel as though that’s the case in every session. Bringing down the energy, focusing too heavily on the negative, and other crushing behaviors will lower your fitness self-esteem and minimize results.

Remember that their role is not only to be your motivator but a force that envigorates your desire to work out. Crush your goals with a trainer who has positive energy in your life.


This one is necessary to create a bond. Being accountable for your fitness means being on time, staying up to date with your goals, progress, and more. Unaccountable people will reach their goals far more slowly than those who are consistent with these values.

Remember: this goes both ways. Did either of you show up late? Don’t let it happen again, or the relationship dissolves. Fitness is a constant commitment, and if one of you isn’t holding up your end of the bargain, you need to find someone that will. Don’t settle for less when it comes to finding a trainer that’s accountable. The Gym Venice prides itself on instituting training programs in Los Angeles, CA designed by the industry’s top athletes and professionals.

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