Valant vs StreamlineMD: A 2022 Guide for EMRs

There are many options available when it comes to practice management solutions. However, physicians must choose an EMR (electronic medical record) tool that satisfies the requirements of their practice. Valant and Streamline MD are competent medical solutions offering a robust suite of features. This article will compare Valant vs Streamline MD to help you understand the differences between their features. Moreover, it will discuss their prices so you can make an informed decision.  

A psychiatrist created the Valant EHR system. It provides a variety of functionalities for mental health practices of all sizes, whether they are solo or group clinics. These features include group therapy, treatment planning, clinical reporting, telemedicine, integrated credit card processing, eLabs, a patient portal, scheduling, and online bill payment. Integrated measurement-based features, such as a library of rating scales, measurements, and automation, offer evidence-based care. 

Across the United States, StreamlineMD focuses on enhancing day-to-day operations for four specialty specializations. They are driven to assist imaging and image-guided experts, primarily in hospital-based radiology, interventional pain clinics, and outpatient endovascular and interventional procedures. 

Valant EHR

Valant provides many beneficial clinical management tools for physicians. Let’s take a look at its key features: 

Key Features 

Document Management  

Mobile Notes from Valant facilitates the fast creation of templates for practice-specific mental health notes. Choose from over a hundred clinical sections prepared in partnership with the leading behavioral health clinical experts for each area of expertise (i.e., CBT, DBT, eating and weight disorders, marriage and family therapy, child and adolescent, etc.).  

Patient Notes 

Valant contains templates for treatment planning, notes, and charts. Numerous were created with psychiatrists in mind. The organization’s documentation process was designed to save time and improve documentation processes. When a patient arrives, the practitioner uses the interface shown in the following graphic to view the patient’s record. This view shows all progress notes, intake notes, telephone notes, and other relevant patient information. 

Billing Tool 

Integrated billing to automate data input, avoiding the onerous chore of data duplication, enhancing data correctness, saving staff time while ensuring payments are received, and increasing income. 

Treatment Management  

Permits cooperation between the doctor and the patient or between numerous clinicians. In addition to tracking changes and review dates, it records patient signatures. 

Appointment Management  

Valant’s solution for appointment scheduling allows your staff to manage everything from a single spot. Clinicians can organize follow-up visits based on the patient’s medical record. The interface for the calendar may be navigated by day, week, or month. The calendar display can also be filtered by the provider, facility, and other factors. 

Valant Pricing 

The pricing options for the Valant EMR are intended to give the desired features at an economical price. Valant’s tiered pricing options enable you to build your practice at your own pace if you are determined to do so. 

Valant Software Demo 

Watching a demo is the best way to navigate new software. You can book a Valant EMR demo through the website to see how to utilize this software to manage clinical practices better. 

Valant EMR Reviews 

Reviews of the Valant EMR indicate that its reporting capabilities, easy interface, and inventory of mental health management tools are well-liked. 

Streamline MD EMR 

The Streamline MD features have been designed to support physicians in providing better patient care. The following are some of the key features of the Streamline MD software: 

Key Features 

Inventory Management  

Utilizing Streamline MD’s integrated Inventory Management software is a terrific way to boost the performance and productivity of a firm. Implementing a contemporary, integrated inventory management tool into a practice’s workflow can also result in substantial cost savings and give business analytics that enables physicians to make more informed purchase and use choices.  

Revenue Cycle Management  

StreamlineMD delivers cloud-based clinical workflow and revenue cycle management solutions and services to imaging and image-guided procedure experts in 42 states to enhance their practice and company performance and help them flourish. 

Out-Patient Management  

Streamline MD concentrates its efforts and attention on the requirements of Outpatient Endovascular & Interventional OBLs (Office-Based Labs) rather than attempting to serve all doctors. It possesses an unparalleled degree of knowledge and expertise in the business. It works with specialists in Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Procedures to support practices.  

Streamline MD Pricing 

This EHR product’s price information is not publicly accessible. Users can contact the vendor for price information and to get a quote. The cost of Streamline MD depends on the size of your practice and supports businesses of all sizes.   

Streamline MD Demo 

Before you purchase a Streamline MD subscription, you can watch a demo to see if it will be helpful for you. The Streamline MD demo can be scheduled by contacting their staff.  

Streamline MD Reviews 

According to the reviews, Streamline MD’s user interface is straightforward and simple to use. This program is intuitive and packed with valuable features. Their support staff goes above and beyond to assist consumers with their inquiries; services are tailored to users’ particular requirements. The features are modifiable and adaptable to the workflows of various practices. 

Final Remarks

The Valant EHR is a cloud-based, behavioral health-specific system built for solo and group outpatient clinics by psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, therapists, and counselors. The program offers integrated billing, a patient portal, electronic prescriptions, telemedicine, patient engagement, payment processing, a clearinghouse, and robust practice-wide reporting capabilities. 

StreamlineMD offers EHR, practice management, and billing services in a single software. Unique features include vitals integration and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) monitoring. StreamlineMD EHR uses technology to assist users in enhancing performance and streamlining their practices. 

In conclusion, Valant EHR and Streamline MD offer useful technologies to simplify tasks, including lab integrations, radiology management, and much more. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose medical software that will be useful for your clinic. You can watch the demos of each software to understand their features and functions. And ultimately, you can finally request their costs to decide which EMR to choose. 

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