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With the popularity of WhatsApp Voice Notes for personal messaging purposes, audio messages were expected to become the next big thing, and for good reason too! Although voice messages have often been overlooked in the past as an effective business communication tool, these hold innumerable potential. In a voice message, a person records a short audio clip and sends it instead of typing a text message. These voice messages are usually short but they differ from voice mail, which can be long, tedious, and may drag for far too long!

What distinguishes them from phone calls is that they can be heard at the end listener’s leisure. While phone calls make require a landline or internet connection, voice messages mostly require an internet connection. That’s why having a stable internet connection is extremely important when it comes to sending and receiving voice messages.

Invest In A Solid Internet Service Provider

Investing in a decent internet service is similar to investing in good property or a trustworthy car brand. That’s why we recommend Grande Communications Network, one of the best in the state of Texas. One of the fastest internet services available today, it is not limited to serving residential customers. This ISP also has major commercial consumers in the region as well. 

Besides providing internet services, this provider also delivers a steady home phone service with a cable TV connection. Since the provider uses fiber optic infrastructure for their service connectivity, the internet speeds are impressive and the high price affordability makes the monthly internet bundles a joy for the average consumer!

At present, this ISP is serving approximately about 1.3 million people in major cities and urban centers of Texas. Whether the internet consumption of a user is average or on the heavier side, this provider has the perfect internet bundle that makes it a perfect fit for all. What’s more, is that multiple devices can be connected, so you will not suffer from any connectivity issues! 

Data caps fortunately are not included, so internet users don’t need to worry if they have run out of data. So whether you want to run an empire or a newly established internet business, watch Netflix or shop online, complete leftover assignments, or simply play games to give your mind a rest, this provider is reliable, fast, and safe for all its users.

This is a risk-free investment, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee without any sign-ups or contracts, giving consumers the freedom to switch to another high-powered internet service, if they are dissatisfied with the provider. 

Reasonable Monthly Internet Bundles + Seamless Home Phone Service

Several internet bundles can be selected as per the monthly requirements of an internet user. The best part is that none of these plans require the consumer to sign any contract. With unlimited data support and standard Wi-Fi protection, a wide range of customers can perform their digital tasks without any hurdles!

On the other hand, Grande’s Home Phone plans are no less, for they are just as impressive as their monthly internet packages. The home phone plans enable users to always stay in contact with their dear ones, irrespective of how far they live! So whether your beloved lives in the same country or across the seven seas, with Grande Home Phone Service, you will never have to worry about making quick long-distance calls! These home phone plans ensure that both your local/international calls don’t bring home hefty phone bills! The monthly home phone bundles are another plus that you might want to spend on.

Why You Don’t Need To Worry About Phone Bundles – Use Grande Internet To Send Audio Messages in Gmail

While this provider is not the only ISP in the region that offers home phone plans, you have nothing to worry about!

If your internet service works spectacularly, you can simply send audio messages via Gmail. Not only are voice messages more convenient for the sender but they can be accomplished much more quickly than typing a long paragraph, especially when the message is on the heavier side and has the potential to be misinterpreted. With voice messages, you can speak your heart out in a clear manner.

Furthermore, if you are using voice messages for personal uses, you get to worry less about the receiver misunderstanding the intention behind your emotional rant, in comparison to texting, where many a time, the message may get lost in translation. While the future of voice messages is bright and holds a lot of potential, it will take some time for it to gain superiority over email. But for now, it will do well on the personal end of things. 

How To Record An Audio Message in Gmail

At the moment, Gmail does not offer a ‘send audio note’ in its options. That’s why users can either record their audio message on their phone recorder and share it via email. Or they can record their message on their laptop using a microphone and then upload the message to be mailed later. These are two ways that are usually employed and require a microphone, besides a stable internet connection.

The Bottom Line…

In the end, most of our digital sphere is dependent on fast and reliable internet service. Hence, if your current service provider does not meet basic requirements, then we recommend you upgrade your internet connection to a better one! Why not visit BuyTVInternetPhone and find numerous internet options that are affordable and provide exceptional connectivity? Hurry now before the best deals end!

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