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Anonymous story viewing over the Instagram app is now becoming a trend. Why? Active social media users prefer privacy and enjoy exploring other users’ stories. Instagram Viewer is a tool that helps you view someone’s story without revealing that ‘seen’ notification. Sounds interesting? Please read the guide to learn about it.

What is Iganonmy Instagram Story Viewer?

It stands for Instagram Anonymous. It is an online anonymous IG story viewer tool that supports anonymity on social media platforms. Users can use Instagram Viewer IgAnony to see Instagram stories without revealing their identity.

Insta account owners will not get an alter or notification about your viewing their story. Users concerned about someone’s live stories or want to stay 100% private prefer this tool.

How to Become an Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer with Iganonmy?

It is pretty simple to become an anonymous story viewer. Follow the given step-by-step guide to getting started –

Step 1: Open the official Website on your Chrome. Click on for the same.

Step 2: A space pops up as soon as the website opens. Fill in the Username or attach the Profile URL.

NOTE: Make sure the user name is not yours but of the ‘user’ you want to view the stories anonymously.

Step 3: A list of available stories appears on the browser. 

Step 4: After selecting the story/stories, you can watch them.

Step 5: Enjoy anonymity because the account owner will not get to know that you have already viewed their story.

Benefits of Using Instagram Viewer

Some of the advantages of using Ig Story Downloader and Viewer include the following –

  1. Instagram users can enjoy discreet viewing using this tool.
  2. It allows active users to enjoy increased privacy.
  3. One can spy on some user’s Insta story they want to without alerting users.
  4. This platform supports better flexibility, which means it enhances the overall browsing experience.
  5. Apart from viewing Instagram Stories anonymously, lets you download stories without letting them know.


So, that’s all about the Instagram Viewer. While using the tool is fun and exciting, try respecting other users’ privacy as much as possible.

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