Careful ambience planning is a popular emotional branding strategy used by many food outlets to build an emotional bond with their customers.

Simply put, shops and stores employ physical characteristics like retractable roof systems, delicate tapestry and intricate interior design elements to craft an image that speaks to potential customers.

Hence, strategic planning of your space interior plays a crucial role in your business revenue generation.

Even a simple retractable roof system can benefit your business significantly if leveraged wisely.

Here’s how a retractable roof system is a perfect investment for local food outlets.

What Is A Retractable Roof System?

Retractable roof systems are motorised shade sails that can be retracted and extended through rafters when needed. These systems have a very high torque motor drive mechanism that can be fitted through a pergola framework.

What Are The Benefits Of a Retractable Roof?

A retractable roof has several benefits attached to it as it can be easily retracted and extended as per need. Here are a few benefits of retractable roof systems for local food outlet businesses.

Saves Energy Costs

The use of retractable roof systems helps you save on your energy cost and allows you to do your bit for the environment at the same time. Enclosing your outlet’s outdoor space with a retractable blind allows additional insulation, thereby reducing your heating costs.

Similarly, the unique material of the roof fabric can also block UV radiation during summers, protecting your furniture and reducing your cooling costs simultaneously.

Maximises Revenue

A retractable roof system allows you to use your outdoor and unused space while providing a cute and comfortable environment for your customers. You can extend the sail during morning ‘coffee rush’ hours and after sunset for after-work parties and drinks.

Ease Of Use

Retractable roof systems are highly flexible to use. Their working mechanism is similar to an umbrella but with a motor switch. You just need to press a button to activate the system and retract or extend the sail of the retractable roof.

Moreover, these systems are weatherproof. They can easily withstand rain and high wind gusts with a speed of 117 km/hr.

Not to mention, the sail of the retractable roof system is made of high-end PVC fabric that can block microorganism penetration and hence is easier to maintain


A retractable roof system can be customised accordingly to blend in with the cafe, restaurant, or bar image. You can try placing a few flower pots parallel to the extended sail to give your outdoor space a ‘chirpy’ feel.

Or you can also decorate it with fairy lights and other accessories to match it with your outlet’s image.

Quick Installation Options

A retractable roof system is not only easy to use but also easy to install. These systems can be fitted into the preexisting pergola framework and don’t need any additional building permits from local authorities.

You can simply install it on your roof and extend it whenever needed.

Is Investing In A Retractable Roof System Profitable For Local Food Outlets

It’s profitable for local food outlets to invest in a retractable roof system. This system creates additional functional space for eateries, cafes and restaurants during rush hours.

Moreover, places with extended roof sails add value to the property, giving you a high return on investment in the long run. These extended sails give your space an aesthetic look and serve the purpose of functionality and comfort.

Summing Up

Retractable roof systems are worth investing even in residential spaces, as they recreate and enhance your outdoor space naturally.

Retractable roofs are also a great way to create an enticing atmosphere for your customers. After all, the ambience of your restaurant, cafe or bar plays a very inherent role in attracting customers.

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