Why are raw pet foods better than cooked foods?

Regarding owning a pet, cats and dogs have been popular choices. Humans crave to have pets at home, and many people in Australia own a pet. There are over 29 million pets in the country, with dogs being the top choice of pet owners. 

61% of the households in Australia owned pets, slightly less than the United States (67%) and way higher than the United Kingdom (40%). The capital of NSW has been a home for more than one million pets, which necessitates pet owners to find quality food for their furry friends.

Raw pet food in Sydney has been a popular choice among pet owners as they are gradually learning the benefits. Some people provide cooked food to dogs, which is way better than canned food, and your pets will love to eat home-cooked food. However, breeders and trainers suggest raw foods for pets, especially dogs. 

As specified earlier, Sydney houses more than one million dogs alone, increasing the demand for raw foods in the city. If you are thinking about giving natural foods to your pets, check out the perks specified below. Reasons to feed raw pet foods,  

Suitable for the digestive system

First, pet owners need to understand the digestive tract of dogs. When you scrutinise the dog’s teeth, it will be easier to realise this point. Dogs are designed to consume raw food, from tearing meat to crushing bones. Hydrochloric solid acid in the stomach will quickly eradicate bacteria, and your pet’s intestinal tract instantly removes harmful food.

Healthier than processed foods 

Raw food diets have been the mainstream dietary choice for a decade in many Australian pet stores, and their fame has continuously heaved all these years. People prefer raw foods for their pets over others as every pet owner endeavours to keep them healthy. Processed pet foods have some unsafe ingredients, and individuals are worried about feeding the right food to their pets. 

Individuals are concerned about their pet’s health

Today’s consumers are showing more interest in learning about the health benefits of the products they consume, and it also intrigues them to provide healthy foods for their pets. 

Good food for your pet must include amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes. There are numerous pet stores in the city, but you are responsible for finding raw pet food in Sydney with all the nutrients. 

Raw foods are moist and are naturally wet. You can feel the wetness and juiciness by touching the meat. It’s the same case in veggies too. However, internal moisture in raw food will release only when it reaches the intestines. Though there is moisture in cooked foods, the molecular cells are broken down, and the foods lose internal moisture during the cooking process itself.

Is raw food better for your pets?

Previously, cost and availability were the two factors that contributed to humans’ decision to feed their pets. In today’s world, people’s mindset has shifted to a healthy lifestyle that necessitates providing natural foods to pets. Moreover, commercially available raw foods consist of supplementation that addresses nutrient deficiencies.  

Your pets will stay strong and healthy if you feed them well and provide ample time for physical activity. Raw foods are the best choice for your pets, so buy the best pet foods from a trusted pet store.

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