What are Subwoofers?

If you’re looking for lower bass and sub-bass frequencies than a woofer can produce, you’ll need subwoofers (also known as a sub). The average subwoofer frequency range is 20–200 Hz for professional live sound and THX-certified systems. The low-frequency range of loudspeakers that cover the upper-frequency bands is designed to be supplemented by subwoofers, which are never used. When referring to a speaker driver, the word “subwoofers” refers to a subwoofers driver installed in a speaker enclosure (cabinet), generally with a built-in amplifier.

To bear air pressure and resist deformation, subwoofers are constructed of one or more woofers installed in a loudspeaker enclosure, commonly made of wood to bear air pressure and resist deformation. It is possible to construct subwoofer enclosures, such as bass-reflex (port or vent). It employs subwoofers in conjunction with one or more passive radiator speakers in the box or an acoustic suspension system (including a sealed enclosure).

Incorporation of subwoofers.

A personal audio system:

The primary speakers may be shrunk with subwoofers without sacrificing low-frequency performance. Due to the absence of low-frequency material on most music recordings, subwoofers do not consistently outperform big conventional loudspeakers in terms of bass performance. But there are some low-frequency recordings that most conventional loudspeakers cannot handle, especially at high playback levels.

This is similar to music for pipe organs with 32′ (9.75 metres) bass pipes (16 Hz), huge bass drums on the symphony orchestra recordings, and electronic music with shallow synth bass parts, such as bass tests or basses.  If you are facing a problem while capturing the best moment of your life then you should try Action Camera Flashlight by which you will be able to shot in low light condition or in other.

A vehicle’s audio system:

The “hidden” subwoofer method does not work well in automobiles because of space constraints in the passenger compartments. Subwoofers are often mounted in the trunk or back seat because significant drivers and enclosures cannot be fitted indoors or on dashboards. 

Sure, automobile audio fans compete to achieve dangerously high sound pressure levels in their vehicles. Subwoofers have gotten a lot of attention lately because of the “SPL wars,” but subjective comparisons of sound quality (“SQ”) have received less attention. Because they are built only for competition, top-level SPL vehicles cannot play regular music or drive. Due to the small volume of a typical car, several non-competition subwoofers may also generate high sound levels in automobiles. Hearing loss and tinnitus are both common side effects of prolonged exposure to loud noises.

The sound of a film:

Movie theatre owners began adding permanent subwoofers’ systems once Sensurround was introduced. Two subwoofers’ channels were utilised to provide low stereo frequencies in Dolby Stereo 70 mm Six Track, a six-channel film sound system first released in 1976. Subwoofers for the cinema were a relatively new phenomenon in the 1980s when Altec debuted the 8182 in 1981. For the first time in 1983, THX certification of the theatre sound experience measured the characteristics of appropriate audio for viewing movies, including standards for subwoofers’ performance levels and enough separation. As subwoofers became more powerful, it became increasingly difficult for multiplex cinema operators to keep their theatres apart.

Adding sound to the mix:

Professional audio subwoofers must produce significant bass output levels with minimal distortion at extremely low frequencies at rock concerts, DJ performances at dance music venues (e.g., electronic dance music), and other similar events. Subwoofers applications for sound reinforcement, public address systems, dance club systems, and concert systems have received much attention in the past several years. 

Another reason to add subwoofers’ cabinets is to improve the total PA system’s “clarity” and “perceived loudness,” even if the SPL is not enhanced. 

Subwoofer enclosures can minimize “cone excursion” and reduce distortion, resulting in a cleaner sound.

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