The Running Tribe Virtual Races

Maori vs Apache

About Virtual Runs & Virtual Races

Run your way. No fancy gear is required. The virtual races are just like the normal races and marathons but the main difference is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You choose when and where to complete the run. You can roll a certain distance by running wherever you live or even on a treadmill. Track your workout by your fitness app or smartwatch and then submit your result on the virtual race website. Celebrate your success by showing off your amazing medals.

Like the normal race, the virtual has a certain topic, engagement with charity causes or is tied to a certain holiday.

The PROS: stay motivated, stressless way to participate in sports events, no special gear required, it’s a time saver.

Why Perun Virtual Races: we offer you distances from 3K to 42K. There is no need to switch between different running apps, run with your favourite app and just send a screenshot for result submission. No need to create an account, fast medal delivery. Join our supportive FB group for the rainy day’s motivation. The medals are UV printed with innovative technology and always exclusively designed.

The Running Tribes virtual race is a competition between two tribes. The rules are simple: Join a tribe on our website, choose a distance, complete the distance and submit your result to our webmail. Run and contribute to your tribes’ total kilometres run. We accept different sports like walking, trail, treadmill, cycling, and swimming. As a reward, you will earn a shiny totem medal. The more you run the more you push forward your tribe.

Every participant gets a personalized race bib, e-certificate, real medal and e-badge. Tribe’s progress is published on our FB page.

The tribes are Apache and Maori.

Who’s going to win?

Join the Maori. The medal is double-sided with typical Polynesian style ornaments and patterns. The Maori are Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand. Their long history originated when they arrived in the 1300s on canoe voyages. The first European explorers to New Zealand were Abel Tasman, who arrived in 1642 and later Captain James Cook. Their culture, rich with arts and tradition is still a big part of New Zealand. For more update, visit:

Join The Apache tribe whose members are going to earn shiny, red, double-sided medals, depicting the Chief Apache’s head. The Apache are Native American nomadic tribes, that lived in a large region called the Gran Apacheria. From Western Arizona to Eastern Texas including also Northern Colorado. In Apache society, men and women were important to the tribe.

We ship our amazing medals worldwide with a global tracking number. The estimated delivery to Greece and Romania is 2 days, delivery to the EU countries is 7 days, delivery to the UK is 7 days and if you are based in the USA or Canada we will deliver your medal in 14 days.

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