The Hierarchical Structure of a Casino and its Importance

Casinos need a good organizational structure to function efficiently. Most modern casinos have complex structures. The CEO of a casino may have many different vice presidents reporting to him. These vice presidents have managers who report to them. Managers have supervisors working under them, and they supervise many other employees, from dealers to cashiers. 

President/General Manager 

At the top of a casino hierarchy is a president or general manager who oversees the business operations of a casino. The casino manager reports directly to the casino owner or board of directors. Almost all land-based and real money online casinos have managers who have at least a high school diploma and a license issued by the state. Many of them have bachelor’s degrees or even master’s degrees. Casino managers may work their way up the corporate ladder from being a manager or a supervisor. This hierarchy of management enables the smooth running of the casino operations. 

Vice presidents

Vice presidents in casinos oversee teams of managers in departments like finance, security, and human resources. A financial manager controls all financial activities, including accounting, supervising, credit approval, purchases, and casino cage operations. A human resources manager manages employee relations and ensures compliance with state regulations and labor relations etc. Security managers are responsible for activities relating to security, surveillance, safety, and risk management of employees and guests. 


Every division of a casino has a manager. Managers watch over table games, slot machines, and guest services. There are pit managers, casino cage managers, floor managers and shift managers. Each manager oversees employees in a particular area. Game-specific managers such as blackjack managers must ensure that blackjack games run smoothly. A compliance manager ensures that casino operations abide by local gambling laws.

How a casino is organized is critical to its daily operations, and managers play a very important part. When playing in an online casino, managers play a critical role too. Managers tend to oversee supervisors. 

Dealers, slot attendants, servers and cashiers

Under supervisors are many different employees in various positions. They may be table game dealers, slot machine attendants, food-and-beverage servers, and cashiers. They have to make sure patrons enjoy their time and receive excellent service. 

Players expect great service and want to be able to receive help when they need it. Like a hierarchy in business, a hierarchy in a casino means they know who they need to get help from when they need it. The service workers surround players to offer them exceptional service. The higher levels are there to support them in what they need to do. The hierarchy in a casino is important because it determines what job people do and how much they get paid.

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