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Sushil Singh: Emotional Intelligence A Key Managerial Tool

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh feels that emotional intelligence plays a key role in making one understand that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Humans come up with various factors that play a major role in making sure that how a person deals in certain situations.
“I do work with several skilful people around the world; however, only a very few minds come up with solutions while others try hard but do not manage to shine in a productive manner,” said Sushil Singh.

Some kids are 10 years old – but they do act like 21 years old person. It happens because the emotional intelligence of a person plays a major role in his or her decision making. Once an individual knows how to manage thinks properly, the ability to find solutions become a part of life. It is the key reason why one person knows several answers, while others spend hours getting a result but don’t get the real output.

“On the one hand, some of my employees do have solutions. On the other hand, others do find it hard to come up with a new idea as the emotional intelligence of an individual is at another level,” added Sushil Singh.

Most human brains force the body to dance. Only very few people know how to make the mind calm so decision making can be better. There are many people who say things first and then regret them later. It happens because they do not have command over their ability to speak. Hence, it does create several challenges. Many times, the only reason becomes the key factor behind the development of a person.

An individual to have a problem where the mind thinks several things as the heart is not calm. Hence, it is forcing the body to become angry, happy, sad and venerable. Not it just reduce the work productivity of a person – but does also play a major role in making things better. At the end of the day, a person knows why he or she is not getting the same respect as others are. However, blaming others does look like a better idea than making sure that the same mistake should not happen again. Those who do mistake after mistake does not want to become better. And there can be several reasons behind it.

Sometimes human body only wants comfort and indeed having everything in hand does not work in favour of everyone. It takes a great mind to stay hungry while having millions of pounds in the bank account.

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