Spencer William Morgan

Spencer William Morgan: Bio, Famous Piers Morgan Son

Spencer William Morgan is the Son of journalist and television host Piers Morgan and nurse Marion Shalloe. He posts many pictures of his father and the various locations he is able to travel to on his spencermorgan Instagram account. He is 28 years old and was born in 1994. One of his first Instagram posts was uploaded in April of 2013. It is a photo taken behind the set at the news network CNN.

Early Life: Spencer William Morgan

Spencer William Morgan was born to Piers Morgan and nurse Marion Shalloe in 1994. He holds British nationality. He is the eldest son of Piers Morgan. Being the firstborn offspring of the family, Spencer has encountered a lot of affection and care from his dad and his family. Albert and Stanley Morgan are his two more youthful brothers from his mom and Piers’ first spouse, Marion Shalloe.

Lavish Lifestyle: Spencer William Morgan

He is himself a sports journalist. With his dad’s estimated net worth of US$20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, it’s no surprise that Spencer is living the high life. Last year, he shared his holiday escapades, travelling to Antigua and Barbados – famous island destinations among celebrities. In 2019, The Mirror reported he was featured on the Rich Kids of Instagram page with a picture of him puffing on a cigar and holding a glass of champagne on a private jet.

Friends With Cristiano Ronaldo: Spencer William Morgan

Spencer, who is a sports journalist, shares a friendship with football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2018, he even received a personal message from the football player and was invited to watch his match in Turin. Last year, he took a picture with Ronaldo and greeted him on his birthday.

Biography: Spencer William Morgan

The most controversial of Piers’ sons, Spencer loves the limelight and hanging out with a host of celebrity friends. As well as going off skiing in winter, he spends his summers in exotic locations such as Antigua and his dad’s second home in Beverly Hills.

Spencer William Morgan
Spencer William Morgan with his world-famous father

Spencer hangs out with a crowd of famous friends, including Made in Chelsea star Georgia Toffolo, who he was rumoured to be romantically linked with, as well as Niall Horan and Mark Wright.

Net Worth

His exact net worth is not known. He is a sports journalist himself and might be earning a good amount. His father has a whooping net worth and is quite a rich person. He leads a lavish lifestyle with his father’s whooping net worth. He goes to abroad destinations to enjoy his holidays with his friends.

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Social Media

He is an avid social media user. Spencer is on Instagram with username @spencermorgan and has 42k followers. He shares posts related to his family on his Instagram account. In December of 2015, he posted a photo with pop singer Myleene Klass. He posted a picture with his father in December of 2021 celebrating a soccer match. He also has around 68k followers on his twitter account and goes by the username @spencermorgan93.

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Father: Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan is an English broadcaster, journalist, writer, and television personality. He began his Fleet Street career in 1988 at The Sun. In 1994, aged 29, he was appointed editor of the News of the World by Rupert Murdoch, which made him the youngest editor of a British national newspaper in more than half a century. From 1995, Morgan edited the Daily Mirror, but was sacked in 2004. He was the editorial director of First News during 2006 to 2007.

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