Latest Trends in Hair Color

Summer hair colors are bright and wavy, and autumn shades are toasty coppery brown. You can achieve this look by adding highlights or going ashy white for winter. So we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a new color for your hair or want to add a touch of whimsy. From blonde to toasty copper, the latest trends in hair color at your favorite salon like Denver hair salon will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of a magazine!

Summer is All About Highlights

One of the hottest trends for summer is adding highlights to the face. Try replicating Beyonce’s Oscars highlights to give the appearance of fuller hair. Adding contrasting highlights to the head adds dimension and magnifies the base color. Bright multi-dimensional shades are an easy way to add highlights to brunettes. In this style, the hair is highlighted to accentuate the face and asymmetrical features.

One way to make your brunette hair look more fun is to add highlights. A few warm shades will add an extra zing to a balayage-like color. Highlights are also an easy way to stay colorful throughout a beach vacation. Another trend is shadow roots. These are great if matched with your natural eyebrow color to look at depth. Whether you opt for a blonde or brunette color, these looks will get attention.

Autumn is All About Toasty Coppery Browns

The transition between summer and autumn brings a palette full of in-betweens. Summer’s bright and cheery hues fade as the crisp autumn air calls for rich, malty tones. Similarly, the icy platinum blonde trend is expected to stay in place through the autumn months, but the cool hues will add a striking contrast to the warmth of autumn fashion. So this fall, try a mahogany-inspired shade of hair, a sultry brown, or a deep mahogany-inspired one.

Winter White Hair Color

This winter, try going cold. The ice-blonde color looks striking against a black or grey wardrobe. Warm blonde, on the other hand, adds a youthful facelift to lifeless blonde hair and flatters all skin tones. The warm hue also looks plush when styled with glittery holiday dresses and cozy sweaters. Sunflower blonde balayage is another flexible option that will be the talk of the party.

As a luscious ash color, ash is a resurgence this season. It lends a sexy look to the wearer and creates a romantic ambiance. Ash is also perfect for winter, as it evokes seasonal evolution, darkness, and romance. To intensify the effect, add a pop of royal purple. This shade adds dimension to the white color and makes you look glamorous.

California Brunette

The latest California brunette hair color trend is a warm, deep brown for a summertime look. While many people tend to go for a lighter shade in the summer, the trend’s cooler tones can make you look sun-kissed without the commitment of a drastic color change. In addition to being subtle and flattering, this hair color trend can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe.

 This shade of Cacao Brown adds dimension and richness to any style. It can be highlighted below the crown of the head and grows out seamlessly. This shade will also look stunning on the sides of the face. For best results, choose a shade lighter than your natural tone. However, keep in mind that the color will eventually fade away. The resulting style is flattering for brunettes with dark locks.

Bright Pops of Color

For the rest of us, the latest hair color trends include vibrant pops of color and natural, earthy tones. However, hair can quickly get boring after a few months. But if you’re a millennial with little time for upkeep, there’s no need to fret. Today’s new trends have more sophisticated applications than ever before. So whether you’re looking for something bold and dramatic, or natural, earthy color, you’ll find a hair color to fit your lifestyle and personality.

Red and purple are classic color combos. These complementary colors are beautiful and can be achieved through ombre hair color or other creative methods. A simple way to achieve a rich, deep color is by coloring your hair from the roots to the ends or mixing complementary shades. The possibilities are endless. This trend is a great way to bring out your best features and add flair to your look.

Natural Color-Safe Products

Using natural color-safe products is essential for maintaining your vibrant hair color. It is important to choose shampoos and conditioners without harsh chemicals. You can even color your hair using natural dyes or a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. You will also want to limit over-washing to avoid color fading twice weekly. Also, invest in good hair-moisturizing products. You can read reviews to determine if these products are free of color-stripping ingredients.

Using natural color dyes has many advantages. They are safe and a great alternative to hair dyes with harmful chemicals. You can use natural hair dyes to cover gray hair and nourish it. You can also make your hair color at home or use vegan dyes. The latter option is also good if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. Natural hair color dyes are also cruelty-free and contain no harsh chemicals.

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