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The Amazing World of Gumball features a minor character named Laurence “Larry” Needlemeyer. He is employed by practically every shop in Elmore, generally as a cashier. Prior to the events of “The Pizza,” he had general hate for the Watterson family, but when they apologise for upsetting him and forcing him to resign from all of his employment, he warms up to them. Although Larry “works extremely hard” to maintain his employment at all of his jobs, he has been dismissed at least once. He used to be referred to as “Lazy Larry” and was thought to be the lazy guy in Elmore until Richard snatched that reputation in the summer of 1983.

Appearance: Larry Needlemeyer

Larry usually sports a green shirt, an orange tie, a red badge with a white and red striped diagonal through the centre, and an orange hat. Black shoes and black jeans are also on him. His lovely cheeks have freckles on them. But as the show progresses, he starts to don different garb according to the professions he performs. He shares Rob and Miss Simian’s extreme slender appearance. He has a blocky, abnormally huge head. He changes from Lazy Larry into a gigantic block that, like Richard, joins his head to his torso.

He had a more rough texture in season 1. He appears to be entirely new since the removal of those textures in season 2 onward.

Larry Needlemeyer

Personality: Larry Needlemeyer

Larry Needlemeyer is a very dedicated and serious individual who is not easily deceived. He works multiple jobs in the Elmore area, from cashier to store clerk, and excels at each one. However, on several of these occasions, he is unintentionally shot or is persuaded to do it by a Watterson family member. However, “The Laziest” demonstrates that Larry too has a history of being lazy. As demonstrated in “The Pizza,” he appears to be a forgiving individual. The fact that he frequently lacks sleep, usually as a result of working both day and night shifts, is also demonstrated in numerous instances.

He has made three attempts to pop the question to Karen, his fiancée.

Trivia: Larry Needlemeyer

He is engaged to Karen, and a reoccurring joke in the show is him trying to pop the question but finally failing to do so because of events beyond his control. If one considers it canon, this has already occurred in “The Laziest,” “The Goons,” “The Shipping,” and on Anais’ Flickr.

Larry claims in “The Schooling” to be paid $7 an hour.

He claims not to sleep in “The Night,” but in “The Question,” he claims that sleeping is part of his daily routine.

He has numerous tasks in order to make up for the harm the Wattersons have caused, as revealed in “The Finale.”

In addition, it is revealed that Larry has a restraining order against the Wattersons in “The Finale.”

Given that Larry essentially holds every job in Elmore, the collapse of the community and eventual Armageddon would result in Larry quitting all of his jobs. The Pizza depicts this.


Larry Needlemeyer does have a perfect look that one can associate with an anime that does not look like a human. Hence, it does show the fact that how cartoons that do look different than entire metrical verse, it does give the look to a person that is very hard to beat. He is a very slim body. It does make him one of the slimmest anime characters. His face does have a shape of a brick. That does make the eyes, lips and eyebrows look different at the very best level. With a long cup shape hat, this does make things look creative at the very best level.     

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