Alejandro Cabello Intro

Alejandro Cabello was born in Mexico City, Mexico, but he was moved to the United States after some time. While growing up, he did have a good life. Alejandro has not shared the names of his father and siblings. However, his mother’s name is Mercedes Cabello. But he did live in a very good family who did help to provide him with a very stable life. He did do his basic study in the capital city of Mexico. Hence, Alejandro is fluent in English and Spanish languages. 

Alejandro Cabello
Alejandro Cabello

Alejandro Cabello Biography

Alejandro is famous for being the father of famous singer Camila Cabello. He was born in Mexico. However, Alejandro moved to the United States of America for making an impact in this world. He was born on October 28, 1968, in Mexico City, Mexico. October 28 makes Virgo as her zodiac sign. He has dual citizenship in the United States, Mexico. As her wife is from Cuba, he can go to the nation without many differences. Alejandro is a part of the brown ethnicity. His age is 54 years.

Alejandro Cabello Height, Weight

Alejandro is a very good-looking man who stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall. He is not a gym freak – but does take care of her body very well. Hence, he weighs around 80 kg. His body measures around 44-42-40 inches. Dark brown eyes and hair indeed take his looks to a sensational level. He does not have done cosmetic surgeries. He has not any tattoos on his body. 

Alejandro Cabello Children 

Alejandro Cabello does have great children. For every father, it is a dream to be known by the name of their children. Sofia Cabello and Camila Cabello are her daughters.

Alejandro Cabello Daughter Camila Cabello and Sofia Cabello
Alejandro Cabello Daughter Camila Cabello and Sofia Cabello

Out of which, who does not know Camila as she is one of the best singers ever. 

Alejandro Cabello Love Life 

Alejandro is married to Sinuhe Estrabao, who is a Cuban beauty. They met at a party in Los Anlages, California, United States. After dating each other for three years, they did get married. It was a closed ceremony attended by their friends and family members. He loves Sinuhe a lot and he sees his future only her with her. 

Alejandro Cabello and his wife Sinuhe Estrabao
Alejandro Cabello and his wife Sinuhe Estrabao

Alejandro Cabello Professional Career 

He is a Celebrity Father. That is all one knows about Alejandro. Well, he did work hard to make Camila become a famous name. Hence, her fans respect him a lot. The way carried his family on two strong shoulders for years is just inspirable. All we know is that he is a great music producer now. 

Alejandro Social Media 

Alejandro is on Twitter with over 216.9K followers. He has made a decent profile on Instagram, with more than 521 followers. 

Alejandro Net Worth

Alejandro net worth is estimated at around USD 1 million. He is indeed a very rich father who helps his daughter Camila to do a lot of charity work. It has helped many people around the world. 

Alejandro Hobbies, Trivia 

  • He is the father of Camila Cabello. 
  • His hobbies are producing musical beats, eating, dancing and reading books. 
  • Red and blue are his beloved colours. 
  • He is famous for being the father of Camila. 
  • Alejandro loves to eat all kind of cuisines.
  • He does like to go to the gym.
  • Paris is his beloved holiday destination.

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