Alejandro Cabello with his Daughter Camila cabello

Alejandro Cabello : Bio, Age, Wife (Sinuhe), Daughter & Interesting Facts!

Alejandro Cabello is famous all over the world as the father of Camila Cabello, who is a very big name in the music industry. And Alejandro fame is not only just from his daughter’s name, but he is also a great businessman and play role as producer in his daughter’s album.

Alejandro Cabello
Alejandro Cabello

Alejandro Cabello Biography

Alejandro is famous for being the father of the renowned singer Camila Cabello. He was born in Mexico. However, Alejandro moved to the United States of America for making an impact in this world. Alejandro Cabello was born on October 28, 1968, in Mexico City, Mexico. Which means his age is 54 years. October 28 makes Virgo her zodiac sign. He has dual citizenship in the United States, and Mexico. As her wife is from Cuba, he can go to the nation without many differences. Alejandro is a part of the brown ethnicity. His age is

Being born on October 28 makes him share the birthday with mega names like Bill Gates, Julia Roberts and many others.

“Well, sharing my birthday with Sir Bill Gates makes me feel that I have done something special as he has been kind towards Mexican people and the growth they have taken, he added.

Alejandro Cabello Height, Weight

Alejandro is a very good-looking man who stands 5 feet & 8 inches tall and his weights is around 80 kg. He is not a gym freak – but does take care of her body very well. Hence,. His body measures around 44-42-40 inches. Dark brown eyes and hair indeed take his looks to a sensational level. He does not have cosmetic surgeries. He has not any tattoos on his body. He does not smoke and has not done cosmetic surgery. However, his daughter Camila Cabello has done cosmetic surgeries on her face and other body parts. Alejandro does not go the gym but does feel that it is the best way to move forward.

Alejandro Cabello Early Life

Alejandro Cabello did move to the United States at the time Camila was just five years old. Alejandro is from Mexico, while his wife is from Cuba. Hence, they did feel it would be best for the kids to move to the United States and see a better life there as many people do believe.

However, it did take him 2016 to get the green which is a lot of time and it was much to do with his daughter becoming an asset for the nation she does have dual captainship of America and Cuba. It does show how well this move has worked for the family as the class and support of the United States have helped her to become what she is.

Alejandro Cabello Education

Alejandro Cabello did get all his education from Mexico. He did go to Sprachcaffe Playa del Carmen Language School. Alejandro was not a great student academically – but he was great at playing football, also known as soccer, a lot. This does show how well he did take football, unlike academics. It is what tells a lot about making things better and creating a legacy to shine. It does show how things do go well and make an impact.

“I do feel lucky to get the education at the time many kids in Mexico were battling for food. This does make me feel how lucky I was.

“Now I am a music producer – but it is because of my daughter who has helped me to be what I could not have become otherwise, he said.

It does show how much Alejandro values his education and the efforts his parents did put in. This is what tells a lot about Alejandro and the impact he does want to make in the very best way.

Alejandro Cabello Children 

Alejandro Cabello does have great children. For every father, it is a dream to be known by the name of their children. Sofia Cabello and Camila Cabello are her daughters.

Alejandro Cabello Daughter Camila Cabello and Sofia Cabello
Alejandro Cabello Daughter Camila Cabello and Sofia Cabello

Out of which, who does not know Camila as she is one of the best singers ever? 

Sofia Cabello and Camila Cabello are the children of Alejandro. Sofia was born on April 2, 2007, while Camila lit the world on 3 March 1997. She was born in Cuba but did spend her childhood in the United States. Hence, she did not see much of problems as a person sees in Cuba.  

Alejandro Cabello Wife Sinuhe Estrabao

Alejandro is married to Sinuhe Estrabao, who is a Cuban beauty. They met at a party in Los Anlages, California, United States. After dating each other for three years, they did get married. It was a closed ceremony attended by their friends and family members. He loves Sinuhe a lot and he sees his future only her with her

Alejandro Cabello and his wife Sinuhe Estrabao
Alejandro Cabello and his wife Sinuhe Estrabao

Alejandro Cabello Professional Career 

He is a Celebrity Father. That is all one knows about Alejandro. Well, he did work hard to make Camila become a famous name. Hence, her fans respect him a lot. The way carried his family on two strong shoulders for years is just inspirable. All we know is that he is a great music producer now.

Alejandro is now a producer and he does play a role in every song or album Camila comes up with. This is what tells a lot about his now life as before Camila became a name it was he who did work hard for all the years for seeing his family feel better and special.

It does help Camila to feel better as she knows that her father would help her out to get the best product possible. And the very thing is leading him to get more work which is a positive sign in many different ways.

“I am a music producer now. It is a kind of dream come true moment for me as this is what I feel hard work does for the family or a person and it has worked for me and my family very well, he said.

This does show how well he is enjoying his time in the music industry.

Alejandro Cabello Wife Sinuhe Estrabao

Sinuhe Estrabao is famous for being the mother of Camila & Sofía Cabello and then people know her as the wife of Alejandro. She is the one who pushed Camila to go into the world of music and now rest is the history as many do call her one of the best singers of all time. It does show a lot about the pair Alejandro Cabello Sinuhe Estrabao and how they have pushed each other to see the bright future of the daughters. It does show a lot about the relationship he has with Sinuhe.

“For me Sinuhe is the head of our family as she knows when to take the very step. She does get all the credit for making my daughters ready to face the world as now I am seeing them grow, it does make me feel that no one can be better than a mother for a family,” he emotionally said.  

It does show how strong connections they have. Camila loves them both but she does have a deeper connection with her father Alejandro Cabello, who has been the biggest fan of Camila around the world. It is what tells a lot about making an impact in the very best way.  

Daughter Camila & Sofia Cabello

Well, who does not know Camila Cabello as she is one of the most famous names in the world of singing? From singing in the Champions League final to filling stadiums for concerts, Camila has done it all. Many do say that she can retire now which is a great thing to look at. People do also know her as a Cuban-American singer-songwriter.

Her songs Señorita, and Bam Bam are very famous. And there are many other songs too. She was also well-known for the being the girlfriend of Shawn Mendes, who is also a world-famous singer. Alejandro’s youngest daughter is Sofia Cabello, who is enjoying the fame, money and name her big sister is getting her from a very young age.

Alejandro has a great relationship with both of his daughters. One can see Alejandro at every Camila Cabello concerts, mostly wearing a black suit. He does follow everywhere her daughter and it makes Camila feel that someone from the family is there with him. But Camila feels that Alejandro her have all the love for Sofia who they call the “superstar of the family”. It does show a lot about this bond they share and how great it does look.   

Alejandro Social Media 

Alejandro Cabello is on social media. He has more than 21.9K followers on Instagram. He holds a private account. Despite this very fact, having these many followers can indeed make an impact. It does show a lot about Alejandro and the impact he has with the help of his world-famous daughter. Other than that, he does use WhatsApp as another social media platform and it is the most he does use. He has a tagline “Work hard! Believe and work hard” on Instagram. It does show how much he feels that working hard can make one reach the level they can and it does make them earn more in many cases.

Alejandro does use the social media platform to help people with powerful motivational posts that make one feel that life is better and it has great things to tell for people around the world. This is what leads him to keep on working hard on Instagram, which shows how well his heart is. It can be seen as a major way to follow things hard and leads things to a level, it can make other celebrity fathers feel that they should also help people to become better in life and make things better.

Alejandro Net Worth

Alejandro Camila net worth is estimated at around USD 1.1 million as of 2023. He is indeed a very rich father who helps his daughter Camila to do a lot of charity work. It has helped many people around the world. He was not that rich before Camila became a name, so it means the big chunk was landed by his elder daughter to him. Camila has the net worth of $20 million as of 2023.  

It does show how rich the family is. While Camila does like a huge lifestyle filled with all the luxury, Alejandro goes in for a decent life as his main goal is to make Camila feel stable and better. Now he has retired and does live a decent life with following his daughter around the world. It does show how richness does make a person feel better.

Alejandro does have feel special with having a major power to have the money which is the need of hour for many people.

“I did not have much of the money – but Camila has helped us to become something from nothing. She is the backbone of the family and real reason  behind me becoming a millionaire, he said.   

Alejandro Hobbies & Trivia 

  • He is the father of Camila Cabello. 
  • His hobbies are producing musical beats, eating, dancing and reading books. 
  • Red and blue are his beloved colours. 
  • He is famous for being the father of Camila. 
  • Alejandro loves to eat all kind of cuisines.
  • He does like to go to the gym.
  • Paris is his beloved holiday destination.


Q Who Is Alejandro Cabello?

Ans. Alejandro Cabello is the father of Camila Cabello and Sofia Cabello. Alejandro was born in Mexico but he made a move to the US when Camila was five years old.

Q Who is Camila Cabello’s father?

Ans. Alejandro Cabello is the beloved father of Camila Cabello. He is now a music producer.

Q Who is Camila Cabello’s sister?

Ans. Sofia Cabello is the one and only sister of Camila. Sofia is the younger sister of Camila.

Q What nationality is Camila Cabello parents?

Ans. Alejandro Cabello is from Mexico, while mother Sinuhe Estrabao is from Cuba. However, they did move to the US when Camila was at the age of 5. In 2016, both of the parents did the green card.

Q Who is Camila Cabello’s cousin?

Ans. Carolina Bern is the beloved cousin of world-famous celebrity Camila Cabello.

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